Governance Essentials for Board Members

About the course

Become an informed, capable and confident Committee / Board member

If you have had no formal governance training in the past or are considering stepping up and taking on the role of an officeholder (Chair, President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc), these continuing professional development short courses are designed specifically with you in mind.

Personally tutored by an experienced governance trainer and Board member, this online training gives you interesting to read resources PLUS someone to discuss aspects with, to ask questions of, and to gain feedback from. You will also be part of a course group to share thoughts and experiences with. This is not just you and a web page!

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Essentials of Governance (Spread over 4 weeks).

Governance terms.

Legal entity.

Legal responsibilities.

Fiduciary responsibilities including conflicts of interest.

Governance oversight, stewardship and employer roles.

Board Leadership.

Understanding team dynamics.

Understanding conflict.

The role of the Manager.

Governance responsibilities.

The roles and responsibilities of officeholders and Board members.

Effective Board Meetings.

Board Annual Work Planning.

Board Information Flow.

The Board’s Role in Strategy

(Open for 2 weeks at a time).

Why should your Board be involved in strategy development? What roles could your board play in strategy development? Where are the overlaps between Board and Manager responsibilities in strategy development? How do Boards engage with strategy development?  One size fits all approaches ignore the diversity of organisational context and organisational capacity. This specialised module will assist you to explore how your Board can participate in strategy development.

Financials 101

(Open for 2 weeks at a time).

Are you the Board member who says  “ I leave the finances to ‘Jack and Jill’ on the Board because they know what they’re doing”? 

This module has been created for you! 

You will learn how to read financial statements, understand the difference between an audit and a review of annual financial statements, and become familiar with common financial terms.

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Meet Gail Munro, the tutor

Gail has worked with Boards and committees for 25 years in a variety of roles.

In the last decade she has worked as a governance consultant designing and

delivering governance training and mentoring.

In addition to her professional work she is also a member of several Boards and committees, which ensures that the governance training she develops and delivers is current and able to meet the needs of people in governance roles.

Gail particularly enjoys helping Board members understand governance in relation to their own organisations.

What does the training involve?

You choose a date that best suits your availability and enrol. Once the start date is reached the course website and Gail will be available to you. You will get an introductory phone call from Gail early in the training, and you can login to the course Home Page at any time of the day or night. You have plenty of time to complete, leaving you space to get on with the other things in your life as well.

We suggest you set aside around 2 hours at any time over a week for the reading and activities Gail gives you.

Every topic involves structured, supported training. Each Monday Gail introduces a new set of topics via your course Home Page and gives you an especially written, attractive PDF magazine summing those up. The magazines are easy to follow and interesting. Read them on a computer, mobile device, or print them out, whichever suits you. Perfect for those who don’t want to spend all their time in front of a computer and busy people. Gail is only an email, phone or Skype call away if you have questions about the topics.

As you work your way through the study material you will be pointed to extra information Gail supplies, plus (so you don't have to go searching all over the internet yourself) Gail has already found the most useful internet sites for you.

To help your understanding you'll have interesting practical activities to complete in our Task Talk forum, plus as part of that, you get to see what other course members are doing and thinking about the activity topics. Gail will communicate with you personally about your Task Talk contributions, provide you with advice and  guidance  and answer any topic questions you may have.

And, last of all, to demonstrate what you have learnt, you complete a short, interesting, on-line knowledge check test. To pass you will need to get more than 80% of the questions correct (and don’t worry if you are new to online – you can’t break anything, and we give you a sample quiz to practice on).

Course members who have passed the course test AND contributed to all the Task Talk topics receive a  personalised Course Certificate so they have a record of their efforts.

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What will you need to take part in the training?

  • You don’t necessarily need to currently be on a Board or Committee (but at times in the course you may need to consult with some one who is).
  • Broadband internet access.
  • To know how to use an internet browser (for example Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari) so you can move between web pages, open links, download documents and participate in the course discussions.
  • A basic printer if you want paper copies of the course resources (it is not compulsory).
  • About 2 hours at any time per week, for the four weeks the website is open to you.

Like to talk to someone about the training?

Give Gail, the course tutor, a call or email her:

027 340 8186